I have been following Sarah of Smitten Studio's home reno and it is so beautiful and inspiring. She is very DIY and she shows the progress and process of her reno and home projects in depth on her blog . On top of that, she has a beautiful shop called A Sunny Afternoon that carries artisanal home goods, I’m eyeing the Lines Tea Towel. And it doesn’t hurt that she reps the X Brass Cuff from time to time in her style posts either ;).

This past Saturday evening I was lucky enough to be invited by Melissa and Laicie of Field and Foundry to join them and other creatives from the Maryland, DC and Virginia area for an evening of local food, fun and conversation on Melissa’s family farm. It was so great to put a face to all the talented people I’ve been following online. Thank you Field and Foundry for such a beautiful and special night, so glad to have met the kindest folks there. A special thanks to Bing as well for making it all possible.