Worn // Stalasso Necklace, Caverna Necklace, Zenith Ring and Grit Cuff  〰

Worn // Stalasso Necklace, Caverna Necklace, Zenith Ring and Grit Cuff 〰

The Ever Expanding Blog Post

I was recently tagged by the beautiful and talented Lauren of Lauren Winter to do ‘The Ever Expanding Blog Post’, which is a series of questions that makers/designers ask themselves in a self-interview then tag other makers/designers that they admire. Thank you Lauren for inviting me!

What am I working on?

I am in the process of working on several different collaborations with various designers that I truly admire and respect so I am very excited about each one of the projects. Can’t say too much about them now but they will all be releasing in the next month or so. Other than that I will get started on my next collection for spring, which I have so many ideas for spinning in my head/ sketchbook.


How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Oof, this is a hard question. I think it may differ because it is constantly evolving. I’m not sure if there is a specific or certain ‘Young Frankk’ look because I like to constantly be thinking ahead by bettering myself and my work, whether its exploring different techniques, materials or styles.


Why do I create what I do?

I’ve always been a creative person, always drawing, painting or sewing or making random things growing up but I never thought I’d do jewelry, which is a craft that I discovered after graduating college for Illustration. But I always knew I wanted to start my own line where I’d be designing and making my own products and so this was the perfect outlet. I love what I do and am continuously growing from this huge learning experience. I also feel so grateful to be a part of an amazing community of independent makers, designers and boutiques that support products that are made by hand locally.


How does my creative process work?

It always starts with a sketch, sometimes right before I go to bed, I’ll get an idea and then I’ll have to get up and sketch it down immediately. I get my inspiration for a new collection from everywhere and anything, whether its fashion, nature, photography, interior design or graphic design. It all is so informative. 

Now it’s tag time! I’d love to tag my friends: Illustrator/ design guru Leah Goren and fragrance maker/ shop owner Kate of Na Nin Studio.